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Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

I found your information extremely helpful, but how about some tips about how to get back to Bangkok?

Is it totally the same deal or are there any heads up?


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Bangkok is such a huge hub of travel that every town in Cambodia has a bus going to Bangkok. The reason I wrote so much about getting over to Cambodia and Angkor Wat is because it is such a hassle.

Not so for Bangkok. Everyone, Everywhere in Cambodia has a bus or boat going to Thailand at regular intervals and with a bevy of choices.

So, I did not feel the need to write too much about it because once you get to South East Asia, or Asia in general, Bangkok is at the top of every list of destinations.

Even the corner store that sells gum and cigarettes sells tickets to Bangkok. It won't be a problem for you getting back to Thailand. All roads end in Bangkok.

And usually begin there, too.

Let me know what border you plan on crossing back into Thailand. I could be more specific in my answer. Come back anytime and good luck if you are planning a trip.

Please consider returning here and telling us about what you saw. I love to read other people's travel stories but all I get is questions to answer.


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