What Should I Expect in Vietnam

by Hobo
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

I have over 7 years of teaching experience and a teaching certificate. I've been offered $18 an hour with no benefits. Should I expect more? Where / How can I get a better deal? Additionally - what's the best city to start in? Help me plz! I'm looking to save money, take online classes, and have lots of fun on weekends.


Hobo EngRish Teacher


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Yoo Hoo! What you waiting for?

If you have read any of the other comments on our teaching English in Vietnam page then you'll know that you are set with that kind of offer.

Could it be too good to be true? Or are you sure of the source like a British Council position?

So, no. You won't find many better than $18 HR except for the German School up in District #3. The question is, how many hours a week are they offering you because they only pay for hours of teaching? If you are going to be set on a 10 hour a week workload, $18USD is not much at all.

Best city is Ho Chi Minh. Hanoi sucks. You'll have a good time for a while but everywhere gets boring. Then to Cambodia? You will be fine with 7 years experience.

No Degree for you? Just experience and a teaching certificate? What certificate?

You are actually under-qualified as far as the paper goes, especially for the upper market universities. It will also impact how much money you can get. I dunno much about you actually because:

Do you have a degree?
How old are you?
Did you get recruited online or in your own country?
Do you have a CELTA or TEFL?

Get back to me, HoBo. I can't honestly answer your questions until you answer mine. Agreed?



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