What Vietnamese Schools Want in an English Teacher

by Cereal Killer
(West Virginia)


  1. Will the Vietnamese Schools be tickled to death to find out that my TEFL certificate is a 120Hr online course?

  2. Will I get whacked on the noggin if I try to sublet a apartment to get a cheaper price. My guess a native could get a lease cheaper than I could.

  3. My wife is Vietnamese and we got two young girls. Will they be able to attend a Vietnamese school instead of one of those take every penny you got internatinal schools?

  4. What will a white boy need to bring with him that they aint got over there? Yes I am aware that I can't teach the class to say aint.

  5. What all are those guys and gals looking for on a CV in Vietnam?

  6. Do they require my photograph on the CV?



Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Yes, They will be quite happy that you have the 120hr TEFL Course because that is the only TEFL course that supplies actual experience in a classroom with students.

It is therefore impossible that you have the proper 120hr TEFL course because you completed it online. The real 120hr TEFL Course that will 'Tickle' them requires you to do some actual teaching in a classroom.

So, the ansewer is yes and no. A 120Hr Online TEFL course will not make them nearly as happy as the proper 120Hr TEFL class that includes in-class, on the job experience.

Pray that you do well in the Demo Class.


Sublet an apartment to get a cheaper price? You won't get that done unless your wife can arrange it. You need to have House Registration papers that show who is living where. Heck, the police come around knocking on doors at 1am looking for illegal Sublets. If you are prepared to pay off the local police seargeant then it may be possible. I tried it in Go Vap District but the harrassment for money and favours when you have asked one from them, is relentless.

Best bet is to get your wife to read through the Vietnamese Newspaper classifieds to find a place and let her do all
the talking. Vietnam demands that every person register their whereabouts and residence at all times. Vietnamese people must apply for a permit before they can relocate from a town in the countryside to Ho Chi Minh City.

Foreigners don't have that burden. Your landlord will still be required to fill out documents that state your name, sex, relationship to cohabitants and more along with the location you are occupying to the local police.


A Vietnamese school instead of an International one? The only way that is possible is if you and your wife reported the birth of your child to the Vietnamese authorities and were issued a birth certificate or some document acknowledging that you registered the birth of the child.

The Mother must also be holding current Vietnamese Citizenship.

There is a 10 month window (I beleive) for you to register the child's birth with Vietnamese authorities (Your Local Embassy). After the window of time has passed, you're out of luck. Vietnam does not automatically recognize children born overseas to Vietnamese parents. Especially when the child is of mixed ethnicity.


What will a white boy need to bring?

-Patience, humility and more patience. Anything else is available in most large cities in Vietnam.


On your Resume they will be looking for experience first. Without that you are a risk. If you have shown that you can do the job then it is pretty easy. If you have no experience then a proper 120 hour TEFL that includes in-class practise instruction is what they look for.

Then they will have you do a demo class. They will give you a grammar point and ask you to teach it to a few students. They will watch. If you make them happy and teach them a bit, you are hired.

After that you will only likely get hired at a local private English school and you will work often and for a lot less money.

Then you get some experience and move on up. Vietnamese employers put a high degree of value in your appearance. A resume or a CV must include a color photograph.

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