Where to Get a Legitimate Online TEFL Certificate?

by Travis
(Atlanta, ga)

Hello. Please tell me where can I get a legit online certificate in TEFL?



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Online TEFL Degree

Hi Travis.

I got my Online TEFL Certificate here. It's from a properly Accredited Institute with legitimate US Federal Government Accreditation.

Then I got the Instant TEFL Teacher's Kit. I got a discount on it because I took the full course with them but that kit made me look like a pro when I had no idea how I was going to prepare for my first months of teaching.

I don't know what they charge for the TEFL Kit now but there are many places to download teaching activities and materials so you can plan a good class or a short Demo class.

Make sure your TEFL Certificate has proper State Accreditation

If you look at the Picture of my TEFL Certificate you will see "ACCET" written on the bottom left side. That is the name of the Accrediting Organization.

When you know the name of the Accrediting Organization (ACCET in My Case), look it up on a website called Chea.org - It will tell you if the school is a legitimate one or not.

If the institute is not on that website then it is not an Institute or School that issues TEFL Certificates that are recognized by the US Department of

The top schools in Thailand and especially Vietnam consider the 140 Hour TEFL Course as the most acceptable and legitimate qualification. That is because the full 140hr course includes in-class training and that is the best training there is.

It allows employers to see if you can handle the job. It also allows you to get a feel for some real-life teaching so you can better decide if you even want to do the job.

Many people look down at the Online TEFL Degree because it is so easily faked. As long at you get one that is accredited by an organization recognized by the US Department of Education then it will be the real thing.

The legitimate Online TEFL Degrees are tough and usually run as long as 3 months. You have to submit 3 lesson plans per subject of the week and then you will have an online pop-quiz at the end of the week.

Once you click 'Start', the timer begins so that you have no way to go look it up if you have not read the materials they sent you that week.

In other words a legitimate Online TEFL Course like mine is not easy to complete and will take longer than they advertise. Then again, if you do plan to actually teach then proper training is a good thing.

Good Luck, Travis.


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