Why was Angkor Wat Built?

"'A Question that Raises more Questions"

The question 'Why was Angkor Wat Built'? hits our email Address more than any other question.

We only decided to build this page to lessen our email load.

The question eventually took hold of us in a death grip. The problem was that curiosity turned to  obsession.

Each answer just led to a new question.

It really is a deep hole when you decide that you need an easy and precise answer to that question; "Why did They Build Angkor Wat?"

The question got stuck in my head like a song that I couldn't stop singing. On first appearance, Angkor Wat was simply a place of worship built for the estimated population of 800,000.

Until I found out 1 thing. They actually built the Temple from the top down. Some engineer is laughing at me because it is quite possible to do. It just brought an element of mystery into all.

Angkor was actually the Capital City of the mighty Khmer civilization that ruled more lands in Asia than anyone really knows. Their presence has been noted in Vietnam, Thailand, China, Laos and even Malaysia.

Angkor Wat is just the largest temple among hundreds of other temples that are scattered around this Ancient City. The entire city measures more than 400 Square Kilometers in size.

Angkor Wat was built as a burial chamber and massive memorial to mark the life of King Suryavarman II. That is the answer to the question of 'Why was Angkor Wat Built'

Or is it?

Some people disagree. They believe that the temple was a star map designed to mirror the placement of the planets in the sky during the time of its construction.

The reason they built Angkor Wat might actually have been for the purpose of Gods from the heavens.

It remains possible that they built the Temple purely as a site of worship and was not meant as a tomb or a memorial to King Suryavarman II at all.

Some believe that Angkor Wat was built as an Ancient high Tech Radar system. That may be too much for some, but I've spent many hours on 3 separate occasions at Angkor Wat.

Whatever the true purpose of Angkor Wats Construction, only one thing is certain.

It is far beyond our current understanding.

So, Why was Angkor Wat Built?

The scholars say that the Angkor Wat site was dedicated to Vishnu, the chief Hindu God who protected and ruled the entire universe.

King Suryavarman II thought by becoming allies with Vishnu, the king would one day be looked upon as a god himself.

Then, I ask. "So, why did they build Angkor Wat?" ... "Is it a Tomb,  a site of Worship, and Worship to whom?"

The scholars are full of ideas, certain of its purpose. But their certainty waivers as soon as the question becomes, 'How did they build it;?

Because Angkor Wat was built during a time when there were no cranes, no Diesel Engines, or the many master craftsmen they would need.

Structural Engineers of modern day don't even now how they built it.

Even the scholars hesitated when I mentioned this fact. They eventually replied in eerie unison, as softly as a leaf hitting the soft morning shadows.

"I guess no one really knows," they said.

And that's when the truth hit me. No one will ever really know why was Angkor Wat Built.


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