Women Travelers Cambodia

by Wendy

A couple of us girls are definitely taking a trip over to Thailand in a few months. We were thinking about Cambodia and are keen on a trip to see the temples at Angkor Wat.

But we have heard that women are not safe in Cambodia. Especially if you are traveling without the company of men..ugh.

Are women travelers in Cambodia really at such risk or is it all not true and we can expect to leave the country alive and in one piece?

Thanks for your reply.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Yes and No. Doing any wandering anywhere in Cambodia during the daytime is probably safer than most other places in the world, but at night it's a different story. You just need to practice more caution than in your own country.

In Asia men think that only bad girls come out at night, consume alcohol and even smoke cigarettes!! But it's not a joke to the locals in Thailand, Cambodia or anywhere in most Asia, save maybe Japan and Korea.

The girls that I taught in Cambodia and Thailand never went out after 10pm at night. Even they thought poorly of the women who did on occasion go out for drinks with friends in a club.

Stay in your group and stick to main roads at night, avoiding any dimly lit streets (Which is most of Phnom Penh). Attacks on foreign women is rare and every single time it happened was the same story. Lone girl walking home who had too much to drink.

I wouldn't do that even in my hometown. So live a little but look out for the creeps, especially in the small town, rural areas.

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