Wonderful Cambodia

by Sara



I visited Cambodia for 3 weeks and stayed in Phnom Penh for several days. If you don't look for trouble, you don't find it. For the most part all of the Khmer people were very pleasant. However, it is a third-world country so you have to understand that they will try to get your money (not by stealing, but by aggressively pursuing your business, overcharging on a purchased item, or begging.)

The market was a wonderful experience. Police officers will help you, but only if it DOES NOT involve a native. If you get in a car accident...it will always be your fault, even if it wasn't. Learn the customs of Cambodia and learn what is considered disrespectful. It will save you a lot of trouble.

It's not hard to learn what is acceptable. We (me and two other women) walked around Phnom Pehn at night, rented taxis, shopped and we had no trouble. Just like in any country/city you have to be intelligent and not cause trouble for youself.

It was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to go back.


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Cambodia is a wonderful place, extending even to the Capital City of Phnom Penh. It is my favorite country of all the South-East Asian countries so I am not surprised that you enjoyed it.

You used a certain set of words I don't often hear from people
who have visited the neighboring country of Vietnam. Yet, I hear it often said about Cambodia and even Laos.

"I cannot wait to go back".

I also cannot wait to go back. You should try and extend your travels into Laos if you can next time. Laos is a supremely beautiful place because of the thick rainforests and the mountainous peaks.

It's always the people that make or break a holiday or even your day. I am amazed at how friendly, relaxed and seemingly happy the Cambodian People are.

Especially when compared to all the stress of bills, kids and life back home. Makes me wonder who is really living a better life?

The Cambodians were treated to nothing but starvation and suffering until Pol Pot's Reign ended in 1979. Yet, they are the kindest people in South-East Asia. When I get emails about Vietnam I feel like yelling out...don't go...Cambodia is better.

It's better by a long shot.


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